Greetings fellow human being!

Who am I? I think this is the most essential question we can ask ourselves. Answer is not your name or what you do for a living or your parental status or some list of characteristics. But those are things which are much more easily expressed so I'll write about some of them. My name is Harri and I live in central Finland. I came up with following titles for myself. Fractal artist. Disciple of Peace, Love and Unity. Wanderer of the pathless paths. Admirer of the present moment. One who doesn't know.

When I was younger I never considered myself as an artistic person. My strengths were more on logical side of the brain. That all changed when I found fractal art. It allows me express things that cannot be expressed via language. Things that cannot be understood by rational mind. There's tremendous power in just accepting that you don't know something - anything. My spiritual path has led me to see that we are all One. A drop of vast ocean which includes the ocean itself. So I believe in unity, peace and love - I hope my products express those.

After publishing fractal art to Instagram for some time I started wondering how my designs would look on various products. I realized I could actually make such shirts which I would like to wear myself. Slowly the idea grew - perhaps there would be people out there who would also enjoy these designs leading to the idea to open up an online store. It was not an easy decision as it has been pure joy for me to create art and I don't want it to feel like an obligation. If you force yourself to do things end result will not be beautiful. So this is more like an experiment, a personal challenge, for me. I am glad if you find here something, which rises a feeling in you. Perhaps you don't quite know how to put it into words but verbalizing that feeling is not essential anyway.